Thursday, July 28, 2011

LFOD Convention in Manchester NH

This past weekend was the Live Free or Die convention in Manchester NH. If you haven't been there before you really need to stop by it next year. John and his gang at Spider Bite put on a really nice convention. The convention runs Friday/Saturday/Sunday and is usually the 3rd week of July.

As usual, Jason and the Hobo's crew were there. We've participated since they started it, it's a show all of us really enjoy. Friday was a great day, it started off with Jason somehow convincing Tony to stick his head in the hole of the cheesy tattooed dude and letting him get a picture of it.

Jason, Tony, Beth, and Bill kept busy all weekend. Jason and Tony worked the convention all weekend and Beth worked with them Saturday and Bill with them on Sunday. I haven't gotten all the pictures that were taken the weekend but they definitely had a great time. Here is a picture of our booth at the show:

Here are a few of the tattoos that Jason did over the weekend:

Here are a couple tattoos that Tony did over the weekend:

As always we want to thank our clients and friends who either stopped by and got a tattoo from us or stopped by in support of us. We wouldn't be us without you!


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