Thursday, May 27, 2010

Traditional Tattoo Sleeve...

For the past few months Jason has been working on a traditional sleeve. The sleeve in question only had one small tattoo at the wrist so he has an almost blank canvas to work with. After watching him complete another piece of the sleeve last night I felt compelled to write about it. I think this sleeve is amazing and encompasses the exact type of work Jason loves to do the most and I know he hopes to do more like this in the future.

It all started with a couple of penguins on the upper inner arm. I've never seen such cute penguin feet in my life.

Then it moved on to a couple of mice...equally as adorable and very personal to the owner of the tattoo.

The next tattoo was in the ditch of the arm. Jason didn't go easy, he put a full color traditional tattoo there and it came out beautiful.

Along comes a pink panther on the forearm...absolutely traditional with a pink twist.

The next tattoo was on the upper back of the arm. It came about on a whim when the owner of the tattoo's other half was half way down the east coast also getting a similar tattoo. Sometimes tattoos just need to be spontaneous and fun!

One last big spot was left to fill on the upper arm. A scorpion is what Jason's client wanted and he drew one up that fit the space perfectly...

Last but not least and certainly not the end of the sleeve is yesterday's tattoo. One last big piece was needed on the forearm, his client wanted a snake but nothing too fancy. He adapted one from a Dan Higg's flash sheet and added flowers that are also in other parts of the sleeve.

There is still more to go on the elbow tattoo, a small piece on the wrist and maybe a few more flowers and filler. I'll post a completed picture when the sleeve is done but like I mentioned in the beginning, I was compelled to write after watching Jason tattoo this last tattoo yesterday. I'm not being biased but very honest when I say that if you are in to traditional tattoos I don't feel your collection of tattoos is complete until you've gotten a Jason Scott tattoo.

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